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By creating the area’s first long-term practice owner alliance model, we aim to mitigate risk and create equitable opportunities for all dentist owners. Unlike corporate or DSO models, we are not designed to sell to outside investors. Dentists founded Videnta, and dentists will always own Videnta.

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Our Mission

  • To be a sustainable alliance of dentist owned, locally owned clinics delivering unmatched care to patients, people and practices.
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Our Vision

  • Enable more dentists to provide the best possible care through clinical collaboration and streamlining the business of dentistry.

As a Dentist-Owned Alliance, It All Comes Down To Care

Dentist owners wear many hats in their business — often more than they’d like. Utilizing Videnta’s shared technology platforms, staffing solutions, human resources and more, we give dentists more time to focus on delivering the highest quality of care for their patients, staff and practices.

Through our strength-in-numbers approach, each dentist owner is gaining ownership of Videnta. We are one alliance with many locations. This enables local owners to tap into shared resources and collaborate with other practices to unlock opportunities and growth potential, benefiting their practice for generations to come.

Maintain professional autonomy while strengthening your bottom line.

As a network led by its dentist owners, we understand the importance of preserving the professional and clinical autonomy of doctors to run their practices as they see fit. So, from procedures to planning and culture, you remain in charge of the decisions regarding your individual practice and patient care. We focus on the backend business to provide streamlined efficiencies that deliver operational cost-savings, leading to the best and most affordable care possible for your patients

Build a plan for tomorrow.

You’ve spent decades building your practice to what it is today. Joining the Videnta alliance offers you a premium retirement and exit strategy, ensuring the next generation of ownership remains committed to your patients and staff. Our sustainable business model also enables associate dentists to strengthen their practice owner alliance and gives them a pathway to equity, so the legacy of your practice can live on as dentist-owned.

Business Benefits

Premium practice value and cash flows

Operational efficiencies and cost-savings

Financial and clinical risk mitigation

Reduced administrative burdens

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